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    Kathy & Tim Patton with friends John & Gail Heindrich enjoying Bush Tucker Day:

    I get back to the city and my lovely week at Trundle is pushed out of the way by a whirling round of engagements. Most of you know I have a thing going with Big hART – I’m not sure what is, but it feels good. This was my third venture into one of their projects: this one is called GOLD– which is, in the 21st century, another word for ‘water’ – or, in this case, lack of it. The project is connecting with farming families along the length of the Murray Darling Basin – with a view to helping reduce some of the increasing isolation many are feeling – especially through these years of drought. it might have rained in Sydney a few times this past year – but not out Trundle way – where wheat farmers, right now, are looking out over their seventh year in a row of failed annual crop.

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  • 07 Sep 2009 /  Articles


    this is a silly preview in advance of some reporting on my trip away to Trundle for Bushtucker Day with the Big hART project GOLD.  Why these pix? Well, I have a new phone with a camera in it – and I was trying it out. These just happen to be the photos left over after deleting most – that didn’t have my thumb on them etc. So totally random. I few abstruse clues as to the town, its look and character. By no means a representative sample however

    This is the staircase of the famous Trundle Hotel.


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  • 29 Aug 2009 /  Articles

    It’s 1st birthday party time for jameswaites.com  !!!!


    Partying @ my place this weekend

    We debuted 2 September 2009. I have since put up around 150 posts – from snail mail to air express, ranging in import from the silly and deeply shallow to the culture shifting and gloriously profound (yeah right). The site got started because I couldn’t get feature stories up in the print media any more. Two good ones got turned down almost back to back this time last year: Indeed, as is their discourteous way these days, most editors did not even bother to rsvp with even the simplest ‘no thanks’. One was a chance to cover the annual sex workers (Scarlet Alliance) conference, which was being held in Kalgoorlie last year. The other was the making of a documentary film based on Big hART’s Ngapartji Ngapartji project, on location in a town called Ernabella, 500ks south-west of Alice Springs. I so wanted to go on that trip I ended up inventing my own publishing outlet – jameswaites.com. The rest is hysterical.

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