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    Hi kids,

    this is a note to say I will be off this site for a little while as I have to catch up with some National Library work (and earn some money).

    But there is good news. I am pretty sure I haven’t said anything about this before. A different unit (I work in Oral History) at the National Library called Pandora holds a collection of cyber works (writings on the internet). They have requested if they can include my website in their cyber collection. They sweep the internet annually to pick up new work and the first time for me will be June 2013.

    The National Library of Australia

    That’s all very nice and good. But it also offers me another opportunity. It will be complicated initially and arduous – and I will need to find the right tech savvy people to help me do this. But what Pandora offers is a chance to transform the best of my clippings into a form that can be posted on my website in a new folder called something like Archives.  In time, what survives barely now as a pile of oddly shaped bits of rotting paper can be turned into a body of work online. This is a big deal for me. Not only is my current work kept foRever in a safe and respected institution, I can now also  do something with my earlier scribbles.

    Despite the hard work this involves (and not sure how it will be done), this transforms posting on my website from a chore to a great opportunity: a whole lot of my work from over the years into one place. While Pandora will only collect annually, once I get the technology sorted and find the right geek/s to help me, I will be able to post some of my early work in those quiet weeks where I have nothing new to post. A blog is a hungry animal – people expect more and fast and short. I haven’t succumbed to that formula. I don’t gives marks out of ten and I rarely help sell tickets, I don’t rush and I use as mant=y words as I feel like. What I am trying to do with this site as well asthee odd interesting read, is give inspiration to the emerging generation – connecting them where I can with the past, and second leave a record that will be of use to readers in decades down the track. Once this new project is up and running, you will get more posts to read more often. Furthermore I can comment on  these old pieces  - what I  think of them now. Any context I might be able to add. Did I get something wrong, place the post in some contcxt.

    That’s it for now. A review will get posted if something important comes up. But meanwhile for a few weeks I better get on with typing up my Oral History Unit Timed Summaries. The hard part of the job.











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  • Tim Says:

    That’s great news and would feel relieving to know you can leave your work safely behind you for others. When you write so much it would be a great pity to think it only short lived.

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