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    Opera Australia is presenting its new ‘Weimar’ La Boheme (Director Gale Edwards & designer Brian Thomson) – a special performance on New Year’s Eve.

    Hi all, just a note to let you know what’s happening. I have taken some time out to earn some survival money. And get stuck into ways and means of liberating  myself from what has been three-year wasteland of chronic pain – and all that such a condition steals from your normal life. At last I found a door that opened and then another. Thank you health magician Brendan Lo and Coogee Beach. Good progress is at last kicking in. I will start back on this site hell or high-water on I January (or the day later – lol) with a report from Opera Australia’s New Year’s Eve special event. And so you know, my self-defined brief from now on is to cover only the big companies: STC, Belvoir, Griffin, Opera Australia and international big gigs. I can’t cover everything because this is an income-free zone and Sydney is expensive. These big companies are my territory: I have grown up with them and, given the brief space now allowed in print media, I feel this is where I can best contribute. I will not put my time into an overall negative review unless  I think there are positives for the company or industry to be gained. others can be paid to do that.

    ‘Creative Collaborations’: Young People and the Arts Australia

    That said, you can invite me to indie shows. of course I am interested.  If I’ve got time I will come – and on the very odd occasion that the show shouts for acclaim I will do my best to give it some space. I love that sector personally and have made many new friends who I know will one day be running the mainstream companies that now exist – or possibly better still, their own new, bold, defiant, smart creative troupes. I am here for you and I consider you my most important readers. I want to help you get up. But after much thought, I think the best way is to focus on what I am best at doing – engaging in the work from the top end of town.


    Some newsy bits. The TV doco I was working on late last year – Raising the Curtain – has screened first two episodes on pay TV and the result is good. Third Ep screens this Wed night, there is a possibility this episode might crash under the demands of what we tried to fit in – and couldn’t fit in. I have seen none of  the work I was involved in (most of the on-camera interviews) put together, so each screening brings many a pleasant surprise. The series is very well edited with fantastic image research. Ideally a fourth episode covering what I would call the ‘After-Armfield’ era would have helped a lot, but TV means time and money and it was a miracle that this project ever got up. And ended up being so good – so far. of course none of us has Foxtel – never fear it is expected to run on SBS next year.


    Other news: The ABC has launched a massive, brilliant website about the Sydney Opera House which takes you to just about everything you ever wanted to know about the place: from its beginnings as an idea to comment on key works presented there over the years linked to interviews with artists and footage of the shows. If you are a fan of my occasionally pungent insights take a look at the beginning on the STC and also parts of the Opera Australia story. I am a minor player – many of the country’s most significant artists and others much more closely involved in the Opera House story are featured. The design of the site is fabulous and full of great moments. All in around a diverse and lively six-hours package all tidily linked – go to: www.theoperahouseproject.com

    That’s it for now. See you in a theatre foyer near you soon.


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