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    Some of you will have read the last post where talked about my stopping reviewing for a while. I feel anyone who had a right to read that quite intimate post would have done so by now. And thank you for your kind words. So here is just a short simple version for others who drop by. I have got too much library work to catch up onĀ  – so I have to put off writing on this site for a while. I have also been away on a very healing trip and can feel that the pressures of city living and all that goes with it could well undermine my new-found well-being if I am not careful. I am just not going to let that happen. I will returnĀ  to this site in either three months or six months – depending how my other work is going. I’ll put up a notice of Facebook at least for those who connect with me there – being most of my regular readers.

    Posted by James Waites @ 12:00 pm

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