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    Okay so the Sydney Festival people have got back to me – and they have been doing what I was hoping they might have. It’s just not in the mainstream blurbs why would it be? Local community knows about the gig, lots of participation at all sorts of levels, and have the offer of cheap tIx and more

    Brook Andrew's Caravans

    “Yep, we’ve been working with huge numbers of the community for months. You’re right – Black Capital is a hugely ambitious project, so we were incredibly proactive in getting as many people on board,

    both as advisers and participants, as possible. There are $25 tickets available to the community, which has gone far and wide through every possible network we could find, via advice from community groups. We talked about having a dedicated Koori night, but our community consultants were much keener on for us to provide cheap tickets across the season. We had an open dress for family and friends of the cast, as well as some local community. The Black Capital Family Day on Saturday at Carriageworks – we think we had about 3000+ people there – we were hoping for 1000! This was a really mixed crowd of locals and further afield – we were quite overwhelmed. Definitely a great day for everyone. Best of all, the feedback that we’re getting, via our community consultants has been genuinely positive – we’re all feeling really good about it!” SYDNEY FESTIVAL

    I am glad I asked – this makes me respect the project all the more!

    I neglected to mention that another feature of the Black Capital theme is an exhibition of the work of Aboriginal artist Brook Andrew. His caravans installed in the foyer of Carriageworks are full of community history. Other works on a B&W theme featured in Festival Opening night.



    Robert Merritt (Photo by Juno Gemes)

    Don’t forget the Black Theatre Symposium being held at Carriageworks next Saturday. All sorts of good people involved – and many great people now lost to us remembered – Bobby Merritt, Jack Davis, Justine Saunders, and more. For more details go to this site. Starts at 1oam, curated by Rhoda Roberts and is for FREE! From working on the TV doco recently, let me assure you, this is a great and fascinating story.

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  • mish sparks Says:

    In the Black Theatre Symposium para you mention greats ‘lost to us’ including Jack Charles. Uncle Jack is alive and well and currently playing a major role in I Am Eora.

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  • James Waites Says:

    I meant Jack Davis – will fix now – perhaps if you read my Eora review you would realise it was a slip… how about starting with some nice words – don’t just jump into someone’s site for the first time and nit pick

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