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    It is a neat coincidence: here I am contemplating how I might expand the content and terrain of this blog – to take in more then my random views on local shows and, by various technologies, I come across several print media articles I feel are worth sharing. The one I just put up – on artistic inspiration – came via a Facebook post. This new one arrived via an email sent to me by another Australian friend who happens to live overseas (London this time): namely Chris Westwood (or West to pals). West is most famous for being one of the women who raised the money to purchase the Surry Hills theatre from Nimrod that is now Belvoir.

    We complain a lot here about how badly off we are – and yes Sydney in particular is an expensive city, with housing costs especially proscribing opportunities for local artists to afford to make work – or live work. And for audiences to afford more ‘art events’ in their lives. But we are living in a bubble – and have not stopped to consider what is happening in other part of the world, post GFC (yes I know it tastes like chicken).

    Margaret Thatcher sought to shift power from the producer to the consumer

    This shake-up article  - read here Рby playwright David Edgar reveals the crisis in the UK and does us all a big favour in outlining many of the most important reasons why governments should support the arts through direct funding Рeven in tough times. Perhaps especially so.

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  • Chris T Says:

    Great article. Thanks for posting it.
    The comments were also very interesting – once you wade through the first 10 where unthought through wank was thrown up there were some passionate & provocative positions argued from various perspectives.
    Going have to read it all again!

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  • James Waites Says:

    I didn’t get to the comments – thanks for the tip!

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