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    Here I am trying to get back into the onlining spirit by being silly and putting up dumb YouTubes and generally trying to get jolly for Santa and 2012 – and then we get a week when the world stops turning for whole bunch of special people. I put up a post about Carmen Rupe coz she was fun and deserves remembering. Meanwhile the social media is awash with the death of all sorts of famous people.

    Harold Hopkins (left) with John Howard in The Club

    But -  in our own community we have lost two very special human beings. Harold Hopkins who died two weeks of asbestos-related mesothelioma, aged 67. Lovely guy people tell me – lovely actor. For old times sake pull out Gallipoli or Don’s Party or The Club. I remember him best in his great performance in The Doll Trilogy.

    And now the passing of Rosie Lalevich, who took her own life – obviously after much personal anguish. I didn’t know Rosie that well, but she made me feel special whenever I bumped into her. Always good for a hug and a laugh and a big talk about theatre.

    Rosie in the wheelchair in Missing the Bus to David Jones

    Rosie (sad) in Necessary Targets with Vivienne Garrett

    Rosie happy with a friend - Jai

    A recent triumph was her performance in Theatre Katanka’s gorgeous Missing The Bus To David Jones, but her good work goes back to La Mama in the 1980s, and a highlight would be her performance in A Little Like Drowning at Belvoir in 1992, directed by Rosa Clemente with a cast that included my dear friends Maggie Blinco and Dina Panozzo, and Tony Poli among others. There was a very gutsy side to Rosie Lalevich, which I encountered the first time I met her when she was producing The Vagina Monologues (a very good production it was  too). Rosie also produced and acted in Eve Ensler’s other play, Necessary Targets, about Bosnian women war refugees. In life and on stage, Rosie was funny and bold – and had a huge heart and cared so much for others. Anyway, I have been very sad about this. And for those who knew her better, this past week no doubt very many tears.

    There are for you Rosie!

    There was a funeral a few days ago – and there will be a wake in the New Year. For those of you not on Facebook I will keep you informed.

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  • Meme Says:

    Thank you James. I didn’t know Harold Hopkins but Rosie was a very special friend and I am pleased to see her honoured in your article. It has been a very sad 10 days indeed for a great many of us who knew and loved Rosie. Vale Rosie Lalevich.

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  • James Waites Says:

    Thanks for writing in Meme. It’s been a dark time – not easy to shake off.

  • Jennifer Vuletic Says:

    Thank you James, so much, for that beautiful remembrance of Rosie. May 2012 bring many joys xx

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  • James Waites Says:

    Yep i am looking forward to this year – so many people have been kind to me this past year or so – I feel they have got the old car kick started at last. Losing Rosie really caused me to stop and have a deep think. Those of us left behind have to carry on ever more bravely – it’s her strange gift to us.

  • Elizabeth Walsh Says:

    Thanks James for your words for Rosie, theatre is made by so many good and wonderful people who give of them self so we might understand ourselves. They shatter the darkness with light, they are like the stars that shine at night. Some burn so brightly, others twinkle and some streak while falling across the sky. Vale Rosie

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  • James Waites Says:

    Yep that is a good way to look at Rosie’s departure x thanks for writing in – James

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