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    Among other good news of late I have been gifted a Macbook by Gay McAuley from University of Sydney Performance Studies Department. The story of the past few months has involved a number of behind-the-scenes dramas including the crash of my PC – and nearly losing my half-written Currency Press Platform Paper among other stuff. I had always been a Mac guy – and the PC era was not a great phase .But how was I gonna afford a new machine?  So this wonderful new Mac whose name is Rex (after Carmphorn) is an incredible gift – and  thank you Gay so much for your lifesaving  generosity. It is allowing me to do all sorts of things including sort out the hundreds of photos I have in myriad folders. For example – look what i found here! Some of you have seen the photo of the little palamino  foal we called Romeo – here with mum Lyric -  the last we bred up on the farm before I came back to the city and theatre world.

    But I have found a photo of him grown up – gone to the  great (transsexual) Arab  breeder, Dianna de Silva, who has named in Indescent de Rothbury. Dianna and her Maltese truck repair boyfriend are a story in themselves. But hey how handsomely did little Romeo grow up!! Dianna always had a great eye for top colts – and I see know why she so wanted this handsome guy to breed with.



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  • epistemysics Says:

    A tip for backing up stuff: get yourself a gmail account (or some other type of online email service) and then send yourself the thing you’re writing at the end of each day. That way, if your computer messes up, Google/Gmail still has a copy (a copy in a server many miles away from any liquids you may accidentally spill, for example).

    Good to see you back – the Sydney bloggers seem to have been unusually quiet as of late…

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  • James Waites Says:

    Hello E,

    yep I get your advice I need to do something like that. Thanx for the welcome home…

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  • Kirsten Waites Says:

    My Beautiful Uncle Jim. Your spirit and essence will forever live on. I will miss you so, so much. I am so happy you got to meet your great nieces and nephew. I hope you have finally found your resting place among the stars.
    Love and light
    Your niece

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