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    this is a silly preview in advance of some reporting on my trip away to Trundle for Bushtucker Day with the Big hART project GOLD.  Why these pix? Well, I have a new phone with a camera in it – and I was trying it out. These just happen to be the photos left over after deleting most – that didn’t have my thumb on them etc. So totally random. I few abstruse clues as to the town, its look and character. By no means a representative sample however

    This is the staircase of the famous Trundle Hotel.


    The photo below is taken from the glass windows of the shops across the road of same hotel – very arty!! More about the wonderful hotel when I write up the trip.

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  • Augusta Says:

    What a lovely and indicative (not exhaustive) pictorial representation of Trundle, Mr Waites! The reoccuring Cappuccino advertising is charming and makes me homesick for my home town 15 years ago…
    Welcome back- can’t wait to hear more!

  • James Waites Says:

    Thankyou Augusta

    I have some more pix to add – once I learn how to Adobe Photoshop them. And my partners in crime Chris and Davo have sent through some pix – so more as well as writing.

    See you soon xx

  • Michelle Says:

    I love Trundle! I love that verandah and I love that shop window….great work with the new photographic communication gadget!
    Wish I was there with you all.

  • James Waites Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Yes Trundle is a sweet town!

    I have added a new image to the current crop – it came up well after Davo showed me a few tricks of the trade!! More to come…

  • Boggy Ward Says:

    Thanks for you kind words and kind photos of Trundle and of the hotel. I hope you can return soon and I hope you will notice the improvements/renovations to the hotel. We just need some time. Good luck

  • Chris Says:

    Hi James,

    Love the towns of the central west. Did you by any chance get to Bogan Gate?

    Too delicious to overlook that name.
    The Bogan river is like some giant gift to stupid humour! I remember standing outside the Bogan Advisory Centre. We thought we were so funny.


  • James Waites Says:

    I reckon the Bogan Advisory Centre could really help a guy like me

    Also liked the smell of Woodenbong!

    All very ‘yes no….’ out there

    people are gr8….next trip I hope to venture into surrounding towns…

  • Noel Says:

    Trundle! Great name and a bit of a forgotten town – till now! Many years ago, when the ABC actually made drama for Australians (yes boys and girls – it did happen once, long ago in a time long forgotten), Trundle was one of the places we stayed in/passed through when filming the adaptation of the novel ’1915′ as a mini-series. The landscape nearby doubled for a devastated Gallipoli. It has lived in my mind ever since and I’ve always meant to return but have never done so. The photos took me there.

  • James Waites Says:

    Photos are cool. Even a week later I look in disbelief that I was actually there. And I’d completely forgotten that ABCTV used to do drama.Maybe they should create a quiz show (yet another) testing who remembers the old ABCTV dramas!! The Driz!

  • CTC@Trundle Says:

    Hi James
    Brilliant pics, its always great to see where you live through someone elses eyes!
    How about instead of an ABCTV drama, we get some people out to do an old fashioned Rain Dance? Its still looking very Gallipoli, Noel.

  • Kathy Says:

    What’s the go with Woodenbong?????
    Am I missing the joke?

  • James Waites Says:


    I thing it’s a dope smokers thing – as in bong – but I hope you are innocent enough still not to know what I mean.

    And Noel – glad you like the photos – I’m just starting out – just using my phone camera – but loving it – wish I could create rain for you..be a bit more useful.

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