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    Quite seriously, if the rugby league community could simply face up to the fact that ten guys wanking in a room with one unfortunate woman on the floor is basically a homosexual experience, then life would be a lot happier for all involved.

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    The one thing I’ve admired about the NRL Footy Show Sydney has been its lack of prejudice towards homosexuality. Though reasons for this have not been analysed. It was much more welcoming to Ian Roberts coming out than the gay press (who criticised him for being so slow about it!). The Footy Show gang also had a great laff about having a Mardi Gras float dedicated to them. And even Matty Johns himself has referred (on the show he swallowed half a Viagra – the other half was dropped by the Chief) to the idea that there is ‘a little bit of gay in everyone’.

    The sex industry put it hands up this week and said it was more than happy to organise safe sessions of group sex for the players as a way to unwind and relax after a stiff game in pretty much any town where there is a sports oval. The gay community has been partly to blame in setting itself up as an exclusive sect: I think we need to get back to the early liberationist notion of ‘polymorphous perversity’ where sexuality is not seen as a set of defined boxes (only one of which a person is allowed to tick) and more a spectrum of behaviours along which some find a settled spot and others move along depending on the mood they’re in or the company they are keeping.

    Official Merchandise

    Official Merchandise: 'Gods of Football' Calendar. Everybody attached to the game is in on this closet caper.

    It has been fascinating on the gay sex sites since Brokeback and the coming out of Adam Sutton in Australia – many more real life ‘cowboys’ are presenting themselves online. But no footy players per se - though there is a lot of fetishing footy players elsewhere on the net and the broader culture.  If this (just cited) isn’t the gayest site I know – and ALL the subjects are willing participants in their objectification! Come on boys – you’re hurting a lot of women and yourselves at the same time. The bottom line is you just want to fcuk each other….



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