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    This pretty boat- the Suzy Wong – arrived in Australia in the late 1950s - and was fortunate to find acceptance and love, chiefly through the Rankin family, whose son Scott is now the senior creative force behind Big hART. After racial disturbances rocked the Cronulla Beach and broader ‘Shire’ community south of Sydney’s Botany Bay in 2006, the good ship Suzie Wong was put to work to help heal wounds in a community project that was as amazing as it was socially successful. After seasons at the 2007 Sydney Festival and 2008 Adelaide Festival of Arts, Junk Theory was invited to launch this year’s Ten Days On The Island as well. So Big hART had two gigs going at this festival – between them raking in probably the largest audience attendance figures of any company in the festival. For more on Junk Theory go to this site.

    Meanwhile here are some photographs taken by Brett Monaghan one night in the season at Bellerive on the Derwent River.



    I’ll put some more pix up in a couple of days of the Suzy Wong being taken out of the water into dry-dock in the full light of day. But I didn’t want to interfere with the special mood of these ones taken at night in front of an enchanted Hobart audience.


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  • Anna Messariti Says:

    Hi James,

    Not sure if you remember me . . you’ve reviewed my work on a couple of occasions and we have met through some mutual friends.

    I am currently developing a blog about muchadofilms and Michael Bates and decided to look up junk theory, as I am intending to embed some links. I feel that Michael – who shot, directed and edited every millimetere of footage for the project – including editing of the stills sequences (not his stills, but still he made them work) is almost dismissed by the reference. He is not mentioned and I think that is remiss, given that he is a winner of 12 international awards for his films.

    Could this be amended?

    I will also contact Big Hart directly, as I have noted that he is merely referred to as a member of the ‘creative team’, when looking at what the actual impact was, he should be the prinicipal credit.


    Anna Messariti

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