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    I am back in Sydney as of Jetstar late last night, and will spend the next couple of weeks catching up on documentation of the Big hART This Is Living premiere Tasmania tour. So much happened, so many great stories to share. And with photographer Brett Monaghan arriving a week or so back – lots of gr8 new pix!

    This is my personal favourite shot. Me and Pub Bouncer! aka Bronco or Blue Dog. I think he is at least 17 years old. I don’t know what it is about me and dogs but we just get on real good! Bronco keeps a fierce eye out for ‘behaviour’ issues at the Lady Franklin Hotel, located next door to the beautiful Palais Theatre, our last venue for the tour. The men in this area are not exactly soft and they enjoy a schooner or three. Any fights break out and Pub Bouncer limps over and looks sadly at the dudes with the wisdom of age and they stop. It works every time.

    Me and Pub Bouncer - Franklin Tasmania: Photo by Brett Monaghan


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