• On 12 February 1014 Jim walked into the water at Coogee Beech … forever. This is a collection of pictures, thoughts and songs, from and for Jim. To loose you is a deep and everlasting sadness. This is a testament to the man we all loved and admired.

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    Just letting you all know that I will get back to this site soon. A whole bunch of shows I have seen and not written about. In particular the enigma of Every Breath, written and directed by Benedict Andrews, and the classy rendition of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, directed by Sam Strong for the STC. But I have also got a heap of typing to do for the National Library – and so I’ve also taken myself away somewhere calm and quiet to do it. Chiang Mai, which I visited previously in November 2010. That was in the cool season. This time it’s been hot hotter and hottest. The end of the dry season! Which just broke with rain about an hour ago – temperature plummeted about 15 degrees in a few minutes.  Not like Sydney (I hear) it just cooled everything off and then stopped. No doubt more to come in next few weeks.


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    Just one of the reasons I like Thailand – the oral gymnastics!

    found by my friend Matt Kay

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    Now we know where that voice comes from! Here is a sound recording of Dad and Dave. Listen to the accents. One comment from ‘LittleRaggie’ says: ‘Back in the olden daze I remember this was a radio serial…. You know what I found out? In real life the voice of Mabel was Julia Gillard’s mother!!!!!’ Not very Welsh – but certainly sounds like Julia today…

    believe wot u wil!

    Actually Mabel was played on radio by Nell Stirling – it’s her voice on this clip.

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    Posted on facebook by Susan Prior currently in Our Town, which is as well choreographed as this by director Iain Sinclair. The acting by Susan Prior, Anita Hegh, Darren Gilshenan , Maeve Dermody, Russell Kiefel – indeed entire cast – is as honest and virtuosic as the puppy show here. Will do a proper write up on my website soon, but don’t miss Our Town at the Drama Theatre. It’s a ‘perfect’ production of a surprisingly good play.

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